Digital Signature

Sing your electronic documents to safeguard content integrity and validate the identity of the endorsers. It speeds the process and above all, you can do it remotely.

What is it?

It is a mechanism that allows to preserve the integrity of an electronic document through encrypting its content and the use of a digital certificate.

When signing a document, all the content is encrypted with the help of a hash function and a private key of a digital certificate, in this way, all the content is matched to a unique hash code.

As a consequence, if the content is altered after being signed, the generated hash code will not match the new content and the system will give a inconsistency alert and warn that the document has been modified.

What is it for?

  • For identifying the endorser unequivocally.
  • For ensuring the integrity of the signed document and that the content of the signed document is exactly the same as the original an it has not been altered.
  • For ensuring the no rejection of the signed document. The information used to sign it is unique and exclusive; hence, an endorser cannot claim that it has not sign such document.

Main uses

  • Replace on-site and handwritten signature for one remote and digital.
  • Sign any electronic document, such as, contracts, payment bills, memorandums, job communications, order conformities, etc.
  • Payment approval.
  • Avoid counterfeit and identity theft.
  • Electronic invoice.
  • Issue official documents of digital platforms.

And much more…